We love this beautiful  Island Cyprus and enjoying  with it... Come and  Taste it with our  Family in Best Village ever Yedidalga (7waves)

-Deep Water Kite-surfing Lessons-

(With Jetskii)

       Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding is a sport that can be enjoyed all year round, in many locations around the world and in many ways.

This is  the first Kite School in North Cyprus. Our Istructor Ugur Sayılır.he is teaching from 2009 . He choose this magical spot for surfing everyday in the session :).Which is April to October.  The following kitesurfing courses will help you select which one is best adapted to your goals. Remember that all courses are supplied with an IKO kiteboarding card.To find out what you will be covered during the lessons check out the student's standard's below. We supply all the gear required for the kitesurfing lesson (waterproof radio Helments,Life Vest,sea specs sun glasses )We use airush Kites. There is no doubt that these brand have been leading the market and will make your learning experience much easier and safer.











**Heaven Kite Lessons : 

2 Hours each day, total Course 5-7 day. 


What to bring for your kitesurfing lesson:

You just bring your Board Shorts.


We Have SeaSpecs (Extreme Sunglasses) for protect your eyes in your kitesurfing lessons.

**Note: We teach with jetskii in deep water. 

**Private Lessons or group Lessons.

We do real time coaching in the water. (bb talking)coaching helmets change the rules of lessons and the standards. can talk each other 

Beginner Private Kitesurfing Lessons

Let's start from beginning. Heavensurfhouse has best wind direction in Northern Cyprus in a Summer time which is between April to October. The wind condition is around 20 knots with flat water. The winds blows from NW side which is cross-on shore. Choose the beginner private package to start kitesurfing. 

        You will have 2 hours Lessons each days and it is all 8 hours lessons. Seven (7) days is a good time frame to finish your beginner kitesurfing package.  Kite surfing is extreme sport and Drinking alkol during training is absolutely inconvenient but it is your choice :).  Private beginner package include all size of kites, boards and other equipments all you need during the lessons with insurance.  


Kitesurfing Program:





discover and analyze the beach and the wind

Learn wind window and fly a trainer kite

Set up the equipment and learn safety system

Learn how to Launch and relaunch the kite


Day 2:


setup the kite

upwind body drag

upwind body-drag with board

relaunch your kite from the water



Day 3:

practice your upwind body-drag

learn how to downwind body drag

learn all wterstart techniques 

training and standing up on the board on one side


Day 4:


try to go in both directions 

learn how to ride upwind

Learn how to self rescue

try to manage riding both-side upwind 



Day 5:



Practice both side upwind riding

pratice self rescue

pratice your first transition


1Person/hour 50€

the assistant helps for lunching/landing and taking care of you.


1 Person/hour 25€

the assistant helps for lunching/landing and taking care of you.



1 Person/hour 65€

the assistant helps for lunching/landing and taking care of you with jetskii.

1 Person/hour50€

the assistant helps for lunching/landing and taking care of you with jetskii.




Kids Lessons

Age 12-17

Beginner Course

12 Hours


Kids Summer Camp

Food/Wake Board Lessons/Sailing Lessons/camping 2 Night/Kite introduction

4 Day





8 Hours Private Beginner Kitesurfing Lessons


Group beginner package

 2 People

Begginer Course



Deep Water kite surfing Lessons 

Surfhouse Live weather station