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Peace-full and respect-full

To ensure the comfort of everyone, to create a peaceful and fun environment. To draw attention to environmental cleanliness while emphasizing sensitivity to nature

   For the layout of the camping area and your comfort, please let us follow the details below.​:


  • One night accommodation in our camping area is 5€ per person.

  • Check-in 17:00 and check-out time is set at 12:00.

  • It is necessary to register before settling.

  • All our campers can bring their food and drink.

  • We do not take out your own food and beverages outside the camping area. There is no harm in consuming it in the kitchen or in the camping area.

  • Food and beverage service in the front area is provided by our Beach Bar.

  • Fires can be lit only in designated areas in the camping area.

  • We should try to keep the quietness of the camping area after 00:00 at night.

  • The camping area should be used for rest.

  • The front area should be preferred for gatherings and conversations.

  • It is requested to be sensitive to environmental cleanliness.​

    in Camping Area:


  • Shower

  • internet

  • toilets

  • changing rooms

  • electric

  • kitchen (fridge, cooker,kettle)

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  • Facebook
  • Instagram


  • 2022 Camping membership 70€

  • 2022 Students Camp membership 50€


  • Membership season from April to November.

  • In any extra case, please consult us.



1 Hour Paddle-board rentals 15 euro

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