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-Kite Repairs-

- Our kitesurfing centre Heavensurfhouse affords us the ability to ride nearly every day of the year. We began to repair our school kite s first in 2010, by learning how to do  by watchingYoutube Videos. We have special sewing machines for the process and we always use special materials and fabrics (UV filter, sun protection, water protection). We have guaranteed works and invisible kite repairs for you. 





-How to estimate your kitesurfing kite repairs cost:

-The following price guidline is meant to only estimate the kite repair cost.

 -Prices may vary depending to the location and nature of damage.  


sawing machine fixing kites

We always repair your exiting bladder instead of installing a new one.İt's saves you money in Laborand in parts.

The cost of repairing bridals depends on the lengh of the section being replaced. We generally use grey spot for larger jobs.

Typically we dean the surfaces and use proprietary glue.

Pigtails are a wear item and may need to be replaced over time. We can build custom pigtails or supply you with stock attachments.