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Heaven  Camping experience......

The Dream comes true !!!

Take a Breath...!!!

Heaven Surf House;

 kitesurfing-school has become a lifestyle, meditation and rehabilitation centre in Morphou!!! We are local people, living in Yedidalga, who have learnt how to live this beautiful life in peace and created Heaven Surf House so that we can share these amazing feelings and moments with you. North Cyprus kitesurfing centre located at the west of Cyprus. Can have fun with kitesurf camp at North Cyprus. 

Yedidalga is a magical place on earth, it is super natural, quiet and beautiful. Anyone who likes to live simply, in peace and have fun, will love this magical place.

Heavensurfhouse is one of the kitesurfing school in North Cyprus. Kite school with good and stable winds. We teach kiteboarding with new and safe equipments. IKO licensed instructors in Our kite school.


kitesurf instructor , beach, kite lessons
Cyprus Island has many many Sunny Days . 
Thermal wind and Venturi effect gives Us strong and stable NW winds. Which is cross-on direction on the home spot.
Heaven Surf House provides all levels of teaching from beginner to advanced kitesurfing Levels, located in Yedidalga Village. Here is where thermal wind and venturi effect get together. Conditions are amazing and there are steady winds around 20 knots almost everyday in deep water. The spot has a small launching and landing area. The beach is all pebbles and wind direction is side-on-shore. We also have the perfect Beach House and Camping ground for you. We call it HEAVEN.


Don't need theraphy

You just need to go Camping

Heaven Camping