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Heaven Surf House&Ecstatic Dance Cyprus


Tribal Gathering

Fri, 5 May | Gemikonağı

Calling the tribe to gather at Heaven - in the village of Seven Waves, Yedidalga

Ecstatic Dance Cyprus and Heaven Surf House present FLUID Tribal Gathering ~ a conscious mini-fest ~


An opportunity to connect with like minded souls, dance, co-create, learn, share and celebrate.

We welcome you to a weekend gathering, near the seaside, amongst nature to bask in a plethora of conscious activities...

What is happening at FLUID Tribal Gathering?


FLUID & Holy! Jivamukti Yoga 

This is classic Jivamukti; original, sequential, infused with spirit, and a little wild. All levels welcome.

The class is dynamic and will make you sweat, through asana,  breath, moving to some beats; with rhythm, it is devotional & uplifting! 


Naile Soyel.
Naile Soyel

This 90 minute Jivamukti workshop will have you chanting, moving, sweating and tapping into something deeper.


We will dive deep into the sacred yoga scriptures of the Bhagavad Gita & Yoga Sutras to help develop our understanding of the yoga practice and most importantly in our own personal lives.

We will learn about the Jivamukti method, the 5 tenets that make this method so magical, and have a hot, hip and holy asana practice to stoke our inner fire.


The session is taught with modifications for all levels, breath awareness and relaxation.

Naile is an internationally certified Jivamukti teacher and she shares the teachings of Yoga; through heart to heart communication with her students. Naile is forever grateful to her teachers, co-founders of Jivamukti Method; David Life & Sharon Gannon who continue to inspire her every day.

Tribe; Gathering

“The only way to recover, is to form a Tribe.”

The tribe is a Hatha Yoga workshop that integrates breathing practices with movement practices to rejuvenate and call out the agni, internal fire. Oriented around strong, grounding warrior poses, the Tribe aims to reconnect with our inner strength, and re-communicate with the collective knowledge. While vinyasa, balancing poses, and twists bring in the lightness and playfulness, warrior poses invite us to find the strength in stillness. We collectively move from one asana to another in sync with our breath, connecting to each other's rhythm.

Hayal Gezer.
Hayal Gezer

This workshop aims to ignite our qualities through embracing and acknowledging our internal strength and the strength of the community. In an era of chaos caused by a pandemic and a rise in oppression all around the world, we need nothing more than a strong sense of community, to remind each other that we are not alone, and we are here for each other. 


Tribe; Gathering is open to any yoga practitioner who is familiar with Hatha yoga but it is not recommended for people who have never done yoga before. Different variations for different levels will be offered throughout the workshop. 


Hayal is a Yoga Alliance Certified Hatha Yoga teacher who completed 200hr certificate programme of Vishwa Shanti Yoga School. She has over a decade long practice in different schools of yoga and she still attends to different workshops and trainings to deepen her practice. She has a teaching experience since 2017 in both sides of Cyprus as well as other parts of Europe. Her background in performing arts and interest in other movement based disciplines such as contemporary dance, taekwondo, tai chi and qi gong broadens her practice. She also completed several trainings in mindfulness. She often takes a multidisciplinary approach to her practice as well as her classes and weaves in valuable lessons from different fields of movement.

Animal Flow Vinyasa

A vinyasa yoga practice incorporating movements from Animal Flow and fun transitions to test your control and fluidity moving between asanas.

Leyla Yoga.
Leyla Ahmet Meredith

Hatha Yoga

Guler Taşdemir.

A vinyasa yoga practice incorporating movements from Animal Flow and fun transitions to test your control and fluidity moving between asanas.

Güler Taşdemir


Embodied Massage workshop

Heightening your feeling of emotional and physical wellbeing, Neri will guide you through an embodied massage sequence to reconnect with your body. By tuning into your physical and using various forms of touch alongside self massage techniques, this workshop will take you on a journey to discover what your body needs are and how you can release tension to bring you into a state of relaxation. 

In this workshop you will learn; 

  • basic anatomy of key body areas

  • where physical tension and emotional tension can be stored in these areas

  • how to connect with that area

  • self massage techniques to release tissues in that area.

Neri Aziz.

Neri is a British trained osteopath, who has practiced in London, Singapore, Thailand, India and now in North Cyprus. She treats using structural osteopathy, craniosacral osteopathy, medical acupuncture, and energetic techniques. 

Ecstatic Dance

You are invited to drop your mind down into your body. A chance to dance and be present with yourself, the music, the other dancers and the space for this free-movement meditation.

During the musical journey created by the Ecstatic DJ, you are invited to a safe space to dance free-from: 

words - allow the body to talk

shoes - feel the bare feet on the ground

intoxication & distractions

We begin together, dance together and end together in relaxation

Serafina Mystix.

Circus Poi workshop


A workshop created to help you move away from the chatter of the mind and instead become immersed in playful movement and the possibility of spinning fire 🔥 


The Poi was used, many years ago, by the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand to increase their flexibility and strength in their hands and arms as well as improving coordination. It involves a longstanding tradition of music, dance, and singing.


Expect to learn the basic moves that are fun, safe, breathtaking and invigorating.

Leyla Poi Workshop
Leyla Ahmet Meredith

Tribal Fusion Dance Impro

Tribal photo.

Andria is a tribal fusion dancer and in this workshop we will be exploring the art of improvising dance. We will use tension release techniques in order to ground ourselves in the present moment and then we flow through improvisational dance. 


Dance is a tool that can help us to release and transform the energy that is present. We will invite our emotions to guide us in our spontaneous movement and we will use tools (breath-movement-sound) that are present within us to help us move whatever is alive in us at that specific time.  Tapping into our unique rhythm and beat of our being, exploring how we can be present with what we feel, being open to observe with a non-judgmental mind and embrace ourselves through owing deeply our bodies.


Wild Child

Kitesurf - Beginners

Wild Child Cyprus

With Lucy hodges and Luna Slipp



Creative flower 

Wild Child.

Heaven Surf House

Fly a kite with the instructors of Heaven Surf House

kitesurfer hang loose.

making from recycled materials, painting flags, fun games and giant bubbles


With Sidika Gokcebag

Visual Art form, decorating objects

Ointment Workshop

Making natural ointments with beeswax & olive oil, ready to take home.

Mariam Herbs.


Tribal Fusion & Fire Dance Duo


Animist Matrix

Ester Machado, Gabriella Sarmiento, Bia Vinzon, Marta Pajares


Fire Poi

fire poi show
Leyla Ahmet Meredith

Healing Sound Journey

Mystical, soulful, sacred music and sound healing nested in one act through chanting, flutes and whistles, didgeridoo, bells, percussion and various other instruments. Let's travel through the universe of emotions, into forests of wild and stars of far, in our inner landscapes, before we land grounded here and now. Let's surrender to all from our deepest realms to the outside vastness. Welcome to a live exploration of the mystery of sound.

Simge ilhan muazz.
Simge Akdoğu & İlhan Olgun

Jamming Circle



johnny blue.
Johnny Blue


Handy Man


DJ Hass-E.
DJ Hass-E

Old School & Reggae

Black Indigo.
Black İndigo

Psy Trance

Ecstatic Dance

Time & Location

22 Apr, 17:00 – 24 Apr, 15:00

Yedidalga, Gemikonağı

FLUID Tribal Gathering is our second edition of conscious mini-fests since FLUID Movement Gathering took place in 2020. 

FLUID TG Schedule.
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